How Can You Form And Change A Habit?

During the years, an effective, simple, proven, powerful method has been decided for development of a new habit. It’s very much similar to a recipe for making a new dish in your kitchen. You can utilize it to form any habit which you want. Over time, you’ll find it simper and simpler to form the habits you wish to incorporate in your personality.


Make A Decision

Firstly, take a decision. Decide without a doubt that you’re going to start acting in a particular way 100 percent of the times, whenever that conduct is required. For instance, if you make a decision to wake up early and exercise every morning, set your alarm clock for a particular time every day, and when your alarm goes off, get up immediately, put your exercise clothing and start your exercise session.

Never Let An Exception To The New Habit

Secondly, never let an exception to the new habit patterns during the shaping stages. Do not make rationalizations or excuses. Don’t allow yourself off the hooks. If you decide to get up daily at 6 AM, discipline yourself to just wake up at 6 AM, every morning until that becomes automatic.

Tell Others You’re Forming A New Behavior

Thirdly, tell others you’re going to form a specific behavior. It is astonishing how much more determined and disciplined you will become if you know that other people are keeping a watch on you to spot if you really have the determination to follow your own resolution.

Visualize The New Habit

Fourthly, visualize yourself behaving or performing in a way in a specific situation. The more frequently you imagine and visualize yourself acting like you already had that new habit, more rapidly the new behavior would be accepted by the subconscious mind as well as become automatic.

Create An Affirmation

Fifthly, create a confirmation that you repeat again and again to yourself. The repetition radically increases the pace at which you build up that new habit. For instance, you can say like, “I will get up and immediately get going at 6 AM every morning!” Repeat them as the last thing prior to you fall asleep. Mostly, you will wake up automatically minutes before your alarm clock rings, and soon you’ll require no alarm clock.

Resolve To Persist

Sixthly, resolve to continue in the new habit until it’s so easy and automatic that you really feel uncomfortable if you don’t do what you’ve decided to do.

Reward Yourself

Seventhly, and most importantly, give yourself a prize of some sort for practicing this new behavior. Every time you recompense yourself, you reinforce and reaffirm that behavior. Soon you start to connect, at an insensible level, the delight of the rewards with that behavior. You establish your force field of optimistic consequences that you automatically look forward to daily as the consequence of engaging in a habit or behavior that you’ve decided upon.

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