How Gender Can Be A Cause Of Depression? Ways To Overcome It!

According to major psychiatrists and social science experts, among all other causes of depression and mood disorders, gender also occupies a prominent role. It is not that men suffer or women do not suffer from depression or vice versa, but there are case studies which have pointed out those women are more prone to depression due to the presence of some phytochemicals and neurotransmitters in their brain. Women have been reported to develop more of a non-melancholic depression when compared to the number of men.


What are some of the instances of acute depression in women, as compared to their male counterparts?

  • Women are more pro-active to report cases of depression and they also seek or clinical support to overcome this problem.
  • There are rating scales that are used to measure the active personality changes in women due to depression, and these can include constant crying, sudden weight loss, and loss of appetite, feeling of guilt and misery all the time, illness, forgetful habits, sudden temper loss and fatigue.
  • There are factors which are related to socialization, which make women a victim of depression on a large scale when compared to men. As a result, women internalize personality traits and seeds of personality disorders more than the men. However, it has been found out by several studies that working women, as well as home makers, are prone to suffer from depression, and working women register the cases of depression more as they suffer from performance anxiety both at home and in the office.
  • Hormonal factors like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, diseases like typhoid, migraine and other factors like too many numbers of children at a young age or childlessness, and the malfunctioning of some of the brain neurotransmitters are liable to cause more depression in women, then when compared to the men.

4 ways to overcome depression:

  • Engaging in extra-curricular activities: a person’s overall individual development can be affected by positive cultural impacts drawn from singing, playing, drawing, and gardening and even also by eating. These activities trigger the good hormones in a person’s body, and as a result, the rate of depression can be reduced.
  • Regular exercise and diet can help: Regular exercise, deep breathing and meditation combined with habits of consuming fruits, and green leafy vegetables and dark chocolates, allow a person to get rid of depression. Regular exercise instills more confidence in a person, allowing him or her to be fit and agile, which, in turn, reduces the onslaughts of depression.
  • A person must do what he or she ‘likes’ to do, to overcome depression: This can be anything from reading to going to the grocery. The main part is that the person must not be compelled to do these actions, but he or she must do the actions which he or she likes, spontaneously.

Apart from these techniques, if a person registers modes of acute depression leading to suicidal instincts, then he or she should consult a behavior therapist, a counselor or in worst cases, a psychiatrist.

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