Importance Of Parent-Child Relations In The General Development Of Children

As children and parents start their lives as a family, the parents board on an important new challenge of promoting their baby’s healthy growth and general development. The relationship between parents and child is known as “attachment.” As you’ll see, the care which parents offer their baby impacts all the areas of both their early and their later development. Let’s now discuss the importance of parents-children relationship in the general development of children.

Importance Of Parent-Child Relations

Warmth in Parents-child Relationship

The warmth that the parents get to their kid’s lives begins at infancy. Dads and moms of small children shower them with physical touch and baby talk. Such behaviors show the kid that others are quite sensitive of their requirement and parents can be trusted for emotional responsiveness. Warmth in this relation can result in a cooperative kid, who is emotionally and socially well-developed. With the passing years, the child finds warmth in a child-parent relationship in many other ways, particularly in getting the fulfillment of emotional needs, whether it is the intimate conversation or play.

Promoting Independence

As sarcastic as it might sound, it’s parents who take the leads in teaching their child to not depend on their parents. Much f being parents is teaching the child to do the things for themselves, from using the toilet to driving the car. An imperative part of this phase of child-parent relationships is disciplining the kids, which frequently is a method of keeping them on the track in their initiatives. Without parents, the developing phase of childhood will reduce in speed.


Right from early childhood, house is a school for the children. This is obvious for parents of old children, as just after dinner, your dinner table may become the study table. But parents role in teaching children begin as early as toddler years. Parents educate kids while strengthening the child-parent attachment.  For example, playing games with your kid will enhance their motor skill development, finishing different puzzles with your kid will improve their cognitive development and reading books to children will strengthen their linguistic development.

Importance of Parents- Both Dad and Mom

Dads and moms play diverse roles in a child’s development. These differences can be summed up roughly in following ways: Dads are life counselors and coaches; moms are educators and protectors. Moms act as safe base on which kids can depend; they teach their kids not be scared of new surroundings. In addition, as mothers spend more of their time engaging in the low-intensity activities, like game playing and reading with their kids, kids start seeing their moms as teachers. Dad’s role in kid’s development is quite underestimated traditionally, but dads play a vital role in general development of children. Child-father interactions tend to be much more intense and with their shared activities, kids learn to express as well as control their emotion with their ads. So, by working together, dads and moms help their kids develop their skills and talents across the spectrum.

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