How Teacher Can Build Great Relationship With Students?

A good teacher is competent of capitalizing the learning potential of all students in his/her class. They know that the essential key to unlocking a student’s potential is simply by developing great, positive relationships with students, right from the beginning. Building a great relationship with students can both be time consuming and challenging. Developing a solid relationship with students is supreme in nurturing academic success. A classroom with mutual trust and respect is a flourishing classroom with engaging, active learning opportunities. A few teachers are much more natural at creating and maintaining a great relationship with students than others. But, most of them can overcome deficiencies in this field by implementing some simple strategies as below in their classroom regularly:

Offer Structure – Most of the kids respond optimistically to having a structure in classroom. A structure makes them feel secure and results in increased learning. It is important for the teachers to set their tone early by simply practicing class procedures and establishing clear expectations. Each day must be loaded with appealing learning activities without any downtime.

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Teach With Passion And Enthusiasm – Students will surely respond positively if a teacher is passionate and enthusiastic about the lessons they are teaching. When the teacher introduces a new lesson enthusiastically, students with definitely buy in. Students will get as excited as their teacher, hence translating into increased learning.

Use Students Interest to Your Benefit – Each student has a great passion for something or the other. The teachers should utilize these passions and interests to their benefit by including them in their lessons. A student survey is a great method to determine those interests. The teachers who take time to do so will see an increased participation, more involvement and increase in learning.

Incorporate Humor In Lessons – Learning and teaching shouldn’t be boring. Teachers should include some humor in their everyday lessons. It can be sharing a joke related to content you’ll be teaching. Humor comes in many forms and the students will surely respond to it. They will enjoy your class as they like to learn and laugh.

Make Learning Fun and Exciting – Learning should be exciting and fun. No one wants to spend their time in a room where note-taking and lecturing are the norms. The students like engaging, creative lessons that catch their attention and let them take ownership in learning procedure. Students enjoy kinesthetic, hands-on activities where they could learn by doing.

Go An extra Mile – A few students require teachers who can go an extra mile to make sure that they’re successful. A few teachers offer additional tutoring after or before school for the struggling students. They place together additional work packets, frequently communicating with parents and take a genuine interest in well-being of their student.

Treat With Respect – The students will not respect you ever if you don’t respect them.  You must never use sarcasm, never yell or try to embarrass the students. These things result in loss of respect for yourself from the whole class. You must deal with issues individually, in respectful, yet authoritative and direct way.

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