Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend to Deepen Your Relationship

If your married life is suffering, do you realize it needs a dose of friendship?

A key component of a fulfilling and successful marriage is to have a good friendship relation with your spouse. Just like any deep friendship you’ve with somebody, it takes a lot being good friend to get a good friend. Why is it essential that your spouse becomes your best friend?

Just have a look at the friendships you have already and their advantages. You feel that you really can be yourself, speak about anything, you have many things in common and in case you’ve an argument, you are less likely to blame or shame your friend. You are more cautious with your friend as you do not want to hurt them. However, with your spouse, you may take them just for granted and don’t care how or what you say, which just results in resentment and more fights. And you cannot build a close friendship when there is so much resentment.

A couple in love in the sunset on the beach

So how you develop a deeper friendship with your spouse? Begin by doing the things differently. Below are the ways you can follow to make your spouse your new best friend:

Arguments – The next time you’ve a difference with your spouse, think of him or her as your friend only and ask yourself, “Of she or he was my friend, I was quite upset with, then how would I’ve responded?” You would most probably not blame or shame or hit below belt.

Speak Your Partner’s Language – It is one among the most vital skills to build up. You possibly know what it takes actually to make your partner feel loved and cared about, but are you really doing it? I you do not know, it is time to ask about it. For example, possibly your partner feels loved by your expression of affection towards them, or perhaps it is vital when you consider understood and she expresses it in the right way.

Have Your Spouse Back – The healthiest relationship is the one where you are a team, in which you protect one another and your stand up for each other. It creates security in marriage, which creates trust and closeness. Therefore, next time you notice somebody making a cutting or harsh comment to your partner or treating them badly, intervene and come to their defense. The result for your spouse is a great feeling that somebody is there on their side to support and that is a great feeling for both.

Go On A Limb – Nowadays, there are many activities that you can do; however, you select to not do as you do not like to do them. We are game for anything in beginning of any relationship, but as time passes, we begin getting idle. If we do not like anything, we pass it off only. But that can begin creating distance and difference with your spouse. So, if your partner wants to do anything that you aren’t wild about doing, just do it. Take it as a chance to get closer and spend time together with the one you love.

Unwind Your Monday Blues By Reading These Novels

  • The Biology of Belief – Bruce H. Lipton

The Biology of Belief

“I learned again and again in my life, until you get your own act together, you’re not ready for Big Love. What you’re ready for is one of those codependent relationships where you desperately need a partner.”

  • Your Erroneous Zone – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

your erroneous zones

“The greatest gift you were ever given is your imagination. Within it is the capacity to have all your wishes fulfilled. Look around you. Everything that you can experience with your senses was once in someone’s imagination.”

  • Blink – Malcolm Gladwell


“To be someone’s best friend requires a minimum investment of time. More than that, though, it takes emotional energy. Caring about someone deeply is exhausting.”

  • You’ll See It When You Believe It – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

you'll see it when you believe it

“Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I’m going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy.”

  • The Power Of Now – Eckart Tolle

the power of now

“Emotions arise in the place where your mind and body meet”

Importance Of Parent-Child Relations In The General Development Of Children

As children and parents start their lives as a family, the parents board on an important new challenge of promoting their baby’s healthy growth and general development. The relationship between parents and child is known as “attachment.” As you’ll see, the care which parents offer their baby impacts all the areas of both their early and their later development. Let’s now discuss the importance of parents-children relationship in the general development of children.

Importance Of Parent-Child Relations

Warmth in Parents-child Relationship

The warmth that the parents get to their kid’s lives begins at infancy. Dads and moms of small children shower them with physical touch and baby talk. Such behaviors show the kid that others are quite sensitive of their requirement and parents can be trusted for emotional responsiveness. Warmth in this relation can result in a cooperative kid, who is emotionally and socially well-developed. With the passing years, the child finds warmth in a child-parent relationship in many other ways, particularly in getting the fulfillment of emotional needs, whether it is the intimate conversation or play.

Promoting Independence

As sarcastic as it might sound, it’s parents who take the leads in teaching their child to not depend on their parents. Much f being parents is teaching the child to do the things for themselves, from using the toilet to driving the car. An imperative part of this phase of child-parent relationships is disciplining the kids, which frequently is a method of keeping them on the track in their initiatives. Without parents, the developing phase of childhood will reduce in speed.


Right from early childhood, house is a school for the children. This is obvious for parents of old children, as just after dinner, your dinner table may become the study table. But parents role in teaching children begin as early as toddler years. Parents educate kids while strengthening the child-parent attachment.  For example, playing games with your kid will enhance their motor skill development, finishing different puzzles with your kid will improve their cognitive development and reading books to children will strengthen their linguistic development.

Importance of Parents- Both Dad and Mom

Dads and moms play diverse roles in a child’s development. These differences can be summed up roughly in following ways: Dads are life counselors and coaches; moms are educators and protectors. Moms act as safe base on which kids can depend; they teach their kids not be scared of new surroundings. In addition, as mothers spend more of their time engaging in the low-intensity activities, like game playing and reading with their kids, kids start seeing their moms as teachers. Dad’s role in kid’s development is quite underestimated traditionally, but dads play a vital role in general development of children. Child-father interactions tend to be much more intense and with their shared activities, kids learn to express as well as control their emotion with their ads. So, by working together, dads and moms help their kids develop their skills and talents across the spectrum.

How Technology Helps Senior Citizens In Assisted Living Be In Touch?

The modern communication technologies have become an important part of the high quality of life that senior citizens greatly enjoy in the assisted living communities these days. Computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones make it simple for the senior citizens living in one part of the world to stay in touch with their family and friends all around the world. Remaining socially active with friends and family has a very positive impact on the overall well-being and health of senior citizens. That is the reason why many centers of assisted living today provide learning programs and many other technologies related services.

How Technology Helps Senior Citizens In Assisted Living

So, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of technology for senior citizens:

  • Staying Connected

Families often are scattered throughout the country and even around the globe. The latest technology provides valuable solutions to the senior citizens in an assisted living community looking to maintain their relationships. For example, they can use free services of Skype to have a video chat with their family or friends living far away from them. Facebook also can help them to keep up with their friends. The mobile phones feature like speaker phone function, voice command dialing, and volume control add a new level of easiness to phone calls for them.

With the latest technologies today, senior citizens may find that their relationships with friends and family are more pleasurable and stronger than before. Communication is the essential key to creating strong relations, particularly across the family generations. By using technology, senior citizens have an exclusive chance to play an important, active role in the family, through monitoring the younger members, imparting family history, being a sympathetic close friend and a lot more.

  • Building Up Social Networks

In assisted living also, senior citizens can be quite active in their community and beyond through technology. Nowadays, there are many available volunteering opportunities, like offering help with homework, tutoring, etc. Senior citizens can communicate with the people of every age in the online communities that can advantage cognitive health. Technology often has a great role in creating friendship between people living in the senior living communities. Organizing meetups for any shared activities like dining parties, exercising, walking, etc is easy. Such opportunities to build up social networks tend to be a helpful part of becoming tech-savvy seniors.

  • Quality of their Life

The communication technologies can improve the experiences of senior citizens. These technologies offer senior citizens with tools they require to get engaged with their communities and families. It even helps them to strengthen and nourish their relationships which are an element of their life already and create new ones, enhancing their daily life’s quality. This kind of social activity has an important role in emotional and cognitive health, other than having a highly positive impact on the overall physical health and well-being.

  • Health Care Providers

Next great benefit that technology offers is improved contact with the heath care providers. Concerns and questions can be quickly addressed. Not just is making as well as keeping track of their appointments becomes simpler, however, being capable of communicating through text and emails can improve the health care experience.

How Teacher Can Build Great Relationship With Students?

A good teacher is competent of capitalizing the learning potential of all students in his/her class. They know that the essential key to unlocking a student’s potential is simply by developing great, positive relationships with students, right from the beginning. Building a great relationship with students can both be time consuming and challenging. Developing a solid relationship with students is supreme in nurturing academic success. A classroom with mutual trust and respect is a flourishing classroom with engaging, active learning opportunities. A few teachers are much more natural at creating and maintaining a great relationship with students than others. But, most of them can overcome deficiencies in this field by implementing some simple strategies as below in their classroom regularly:

Offer Structure – Most of the kids respond optimistically to having a structure in classroom. A structure makes them feel secure and results in increased learning. It is important for the teachers to set their tone early by simply practicing class procedures and establishing clear expectations. Each day must be loaded with appealing learning activities without any downtime.

Education activities in classroom at school, happy children learning

Teach With Passion And Enthusiasm – Students will surely respond positively if a teacher is passionate and enthusiastic about the lessons they are teaching. When the teacher introduces a new lesson enthusiastically, students with definitely buy in. Students will get as excited as their teacher, hence translating into increased learning.

Use Students Interest to Your Benefit – Each student has a great passion for something or the other. The teachers should utilize these passions and interests to their benefit by including them in their lessons. A student survey is a great method to determine those interests. The teachers who take time to do so will see an increased participation, more involvement and increase in learning.

Incorporate Humor In Lessons – Learning and teaching shouldn’t be boring. Teachers should include some humor in their everyday lessons. It can be sharing a joke related to content you’ll be teaching. Humor comes in many forms and the students will surely respond to it. They will enjoy your class as they like to learn and laugh.

Make Learning Fun and Exciting – Learning should be exciting and fun. No one wants to spend their time in a room where note-taking and lecturing are the norms. The students like engaging, creative lessons that catch their attention and let them take ownership in learning procedure. Students enjoy kinesthetic, hands-on activities where they could learn by doing.

Go An extra Mile – A few students require teachers who can go an extra mile to make sure that they’re successful. A few teachers offer additional tutoring after or before school for the struggling students. They place together additional work packets, frequently communicating with parents and take a genuine interest in well-being of their student.

Treat With Respect – The students will not respect you ever if you don’t respect them.  You must never use sarcasm, never yell or try to embarrass the students. These things result in loss of respect for yourself from the whole class. You must deal with issues individually, in respectful, yet authoritative and direct way.